Catholics Coming Home?

For years, many parishioners have been leaving the Roman Catholic Church in the US, but the Catholic denomination still remains as the largest Christian denomination. Still, the Vatican has tried a number of different ways to reclaim its former followers and improve its image in the world, such as openly discussing and apologizing for the Church’s sexual abuse cases. Continue reading

GM Hasn’t Won Every Consumer, but They’re Making Progress

Two weeks ago, I posed a few questions to the public concerning General Motors’ recent revamping, wondering what opinions consumers held of the automotive giant as a whole before and after the restructure, along with their thoughts on the companies products (quality levels, what cars they would consider owning, what GM could do to improve, etc.). The survey, conducted throughout October 2011, concerned General Motors and its US-based competitors. Continue reading

New York Anime Fest Wanes in the Wake of Comic-Con

Comic-Con happens each year in New York City, and is the premier media convention on the East Coast (aside from Otakon in the summer). But originally, the festival occupying the Jacob Javits Center every autumn was not Comic-Con, but the New York Anime Festival, originally the Big Apple Anime Festival. However, BAAF’s last official year was 2003, and support in the New York area has dwindled in the stead of the rising popularity of Comic-Con. The two are now held simultaneously in the same building. Continue reading

Post-Op: Is General Motors Recovering?

Scalpels were taken to General Motors in the past few years in an attempt to save the brands it encompasses. But has it worked?

In this economic stagnation, retail sales are down across the board. Some companies have downsized or closed completely. When there’s too much product for a bankrupt market to purchase, what can companies do to stay afloat with steady profits? Well-regarded companies like Borders couldn’t keep above water amidst a myriad of circumstance and technological changes, but how is the beleaguered General Motors faring? Continue reading

Four Things Your Car Doesn’t Need (And One it Might)

So, like many Americans, you drive some sort of vehicle. Usually a car, maybe a beastly “crossover,” whatever. You get the point. There are a multitude of items in the automotive world aimed at both avid and casual motoring consumers alike and, like most things it life, it’s a mixed bag. Kind of like that huge jar of mystery jellybeans your grandmother had in the living room when you were four. And 24. Continue reading