The Last Goodbye

When driving north to leave the city on the Bronx River Parkway, just passing Gun Hill Road in the North Bronx, the rolling hills and quiet beauty of the Woodlawn Cemetery accompany the way.

Founded during the third year of the Civil War, the Woodlawn Cemetery was designed as a “rural cemetery,” a product of the Romantic Era. Throughout the years it has managed to remain so, and has become an oasis of art, history and ecology in the midst of a growing city.

In the words of Edward Streeter, writer of “The story of the Woodlawn Cemetery,” “to pass through its great entrance gates into the tree shaded roads is like entering another world.” Continue reading

A night with “Funny, Fierce, Fearless Latinas”

From Sept. 15 through October New York City threw itself into Hispanic Heritage Month, a commemoration of the culture and history of the largest minority in the US. On Nov.1, as the month closed, author and performer Michele Carlo joined forces with alternative bookstore Bluestockings, in the East Village, and put together “Funny Fierce Fearless Latinas”: a celebration of the Latino way of life, through the unique voice and point of view of Hispanic women. Continue reading

Adopted New Yorkers Put Their Accent on News From Home

Courtesy of Creative Commons

In New York, almost half of the population was born overseas. For these adopted New Yorkers, the idea of “home” is divided between “here” and “there”. So, now that they live in the capital media of the world, how do they keep up to speed with what’s going on thousands of miles away?

We found three of this 4-odd million individuals and let their accents talk us through how they learn about “home.” Continue reading

Darth Vader, Poison Ivy and Friends: a Chronicle of the 2011 New York Comic Con

“Star Wars” fans, otakus and “Archie” comic book readers, behold: the annual New York Comic Con has a place for all of you.

Since 2006, New York Comic Con has been attracting an eclectic herd of graphic novel experts, anime enthusiasts and comic fans from all over the country. The convention gives the attendees the chance to meet their favorite authors, chat with fellow devotees or become the protagonists of their beloved stories for a few hours.

The 2011 edition was held on October 13th, 14th 15th and 16th at the Javits Center, in the heart of the publishing, media and entertainment capital of the world – Gotham City.

Thousands of comic, anime and cult-movie aficionados congregated at the 2011 edition of New York Comic Con from Oct.13 to Oct. 16, 2011 at the Javits Center in Manhattan. (NYCNews Service/Patricia Rey Mallén)

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