Tattoos and Jobs

While tattoos are becoming more common and mainstream in today’s society, some people still frown upon them. Yet, those who have marked a tattoo on their body cringe at this negative perception. For certain individuals, their tattoos are not only a way of self-expression but also a way in which they recount significant moments of their life. Their tattoos hold personal meaning and in some cases are even sentimental. Continue reading

Toys For Tots Virtual Store

Toys For Tots is preparing for the coming holiday season with a special charity. Having teamed up with eBay and actress Debra Messing, Toys For Tots has created a virtual toy store in Herald Square, Manhattan. Opened on November 11th, the store features a virtual display window with moving images and barcodes. Donators use the iPhone application made specifically for the charity, to scan a barcode and send a gift. A second location will also be opening in San Francisco, California. With 100 percent of the proceeds benefitting the charity, the purpose is to give under privileged children the chance to receive holiday gifts, as well. Debra Messing explains the process below.

Survey Results Prove A Shift In Shopping Patterns

It seems the American recession has really hit some people where it hurts, in their wallets! As of September 2011, the unemployment rate in the country was 9.1%. Due to this rate, people are constantly being laid off while others are unsuccessful in their attempt to obtain a job. Without a steady income, shopping, especially for clothing, might not be a person’s priority. Continue reading

A Little Bakery Beats The Bad Economy

The recession led to many stores closing but one that never faced this danger was a little bakery in Queens. While people may be losing their jobs, it seems certain ones haven’t abandoned their craving for sweets. Daily, tons of customers come to Elite Bakery to choose from an enormous amount of desserts. From cheesecake to cannolis, any sweet desire can be satisfied. “People don’t have money, so I guess desserts make them feel better,” said Angie, an employee of Elite. Continue reading

People Don’t Buy, Stores Must Close

Have you noticed that certain name brand stores are not where they used to be anymore? The reason for this is because consumers have stopped shopping the way they used to. It is no secret that their shopping patterns have changed because of the staggering U.S. economy. To cope with this change in consumer buying, certain stores have had no choice but to close several of their locations. These stores include well-known ones like Blockbuster and Abercrombie & Fitch. Continue reading

Obama Gives Speech About Jobs In Ohio

President Obama announced his job’s proposal plans earlier this month on September 8th. Through his plan, the President is focusing on workers. He wants to lower payroll taxes on the workers while also giving more benefits to those who have been unemployed for an extended period of time. Obama also wants to sway local state governments from the layoff of teachers, police officers and firefighters. In addition to helping the workers, the President wants to spend a lot of money on rebuilding roads, bridges and schools. Continue reading

Five Jobs You May Want To Consider

With the unsteady state of the economy, an ideal career choice is not as easy to obtain as it once was. Certain markets, including manufacturing, are even expected to face a big decline within the next decade. Yet, opportunities in newer markets are opening giving Americans a variety of options to choose from. Below is a list of interesting fields that are projected to see a demand growth in the next few years. Continue reading